File unired.ini

In this file are general settings, which affect the entire program. You can change them with dialog box, which appears in menu Options -> General settings.

All non-ASCII letters are presented like in HTML, i.e. &#xxx; (where xxx estas dekuma nombro).

[common] General settings
EditFont Fixed font name
EditFontSize Fixed font size
InterfaceFont Proportional font name
InterfaceFontSize Proportional font size
TextColor Color of normal text
BackgroundColor Background color
HighlightColor Color of highlighted line/column
GutterFColor Color of text on the gutter
GutterBColor Color of the gutter background
GutterWidth Gutter width
Width Width of the window
Height Height of the window
Left Left margin of the window
Top Top margin of the window
Maximize Maximize the main window
Zoom Maximize file windows
MenuLeft, MenuTop, FileLeft, FileTop, EditLeft, EditTop, SearchLeft, SearchTop, RunLeft, RunTop Coordinates of toolbars
Tools Toolbar order (new line is marked by asterisk)
BrowserWidth Width of structure browser's panel
BrowserMin Minimize structure browser on start
MsgPanelHeight Height of compile error panel
[languages] Languages
Default Name of default language (see below)
eo, en, ru... Names of languages (they are equal to names of ini-files, describing messages in various languages, see below)
[charsets] Descriptions of charsets
Here at left is name of charset, at right is name of cvt-file with description of this charset
[surrogates] Descriptions of surrogates
Here at left is name of surrogate, at right is name of srg-file with description of this surrogate
Here at left are names of charsets, as they are presented in HTML, and at right are names of this charsets from the section [charsets].