File keys.ini

This file describes keyboard an groups of macros. All group of macros have a title in brackets. The common group, which describes general purpose keyboard commands, have title *.

After this there are descriptions of macros. At left of sign = are system names of key combinations, at right are internal names of actions.

In addition to signle actions, you can assign to key combination a sequence of actions (i.e. macro). You can place input strings in quotes or apostrophes, for example this line:
Ctrl+Q = "'eĥoŝanĝo' Return 'ĉiuĵaŭde'"
indicates, that if you press Ctrl+Q, you input this text:

Attention, the procedure, which reads lines from ini-files, automatically deletes external quotes or apostrophes, so instead of
Ctrl+Q = "aaa"
UniRed receives in fact
Ctrl+Q = aaa

There are names of available commands:

Return Carriage return (breaking current line)
Back Erase sign left of the cursor
DelLine Erase current line
WordBack Erase word left of the cursor
Indent Indent selected block right with tab
Unindent Unindent selected block left, erasing beginning tabs
BackIndent Unindent current lino left by one nesting level
RetIndent Break current line with automatical indent of new line
Undo Undo last change
Redo Redo last change
MarkAll Select all text
UnMark Unselects block
Right Move the cursor right
Left Move the cursor left
WordRight Move the cursor at one word right
WordLeft Move the cursor at one word left
Down Move the cursor up
Up Move the cursor down
ScrollDown Move the cursor down and scroll the window up
ScrollUp Move the cursor up and scroll the window down
Home Move the cursor to the beginning of current line
End Move the cursor to the end of current line
Top Move the cursor to the beginning of the file
Bottom Move the cursor to the end of the file
PageUp Move the cursor at page up
PageDown Move the cursor at page down
Delete Erase sign right of the cursor or erase selected block
Cut Erase selected block and copy it to the clipboard
DelWord Erase word right of the cursor
ToUpper Convert selected block to upper case
ToLower Convert seleceted block to lower case
Tab Input tab-sign
EnterUnicode Input of Unicode number of letter
Insert Switch Insert/Overwrite
Paste Paste the clipboard to text
Copy Copy selected block to the clipboard
Print Print file or selected block
Find Call the dialog box of searching
Replace Call the dialog box of searching and replacing
SearchAgain Repeat last search
SearchBack Repeat last search backwards
WordSearch Search current word
WordSearchBack Search current word backwards
Open Call dialog box to open file
Reopen Call history of opened files
New Create new file
New2 Call list of patterns to create new file
Save Save changes in edited file
SaveAs Call dialog box to save file
SaveAll Save all opened files
Wrap Switch Wrap on/off
SpellCheck Call spellchecker
Zoom Zoom windows with edited files to main window
Maximize Maximize the main window to full screen
Close Close edited file
Exit Exit program
Help Call help
KbdNext Convert selected block to next keyboard layout
KbdPrev Convert selected block to previuos keyboard layout
Properties Call dialog box of properties
Bracket Search pair bracket
Mark0..Mark9 Mark in text
Goto0..Goto9 Go to mark in text