Filter is external console program, that UniRed can call, sending selected text to its standard input, and replacing the selected text by its standard output. For example, a filter can sort lines alphabetically, or do alny other text processing.

To call a filter select the necessary one in the list in the menu.

Filters are described in the file filters.ini. Each filter is described by one section of the ini-file: the name is in square brackets, next is the description itself.

There are parameters, describing a filter:

Command to call the filter. It can contain variables %file% (full name of edited file), %path% (path to the edited file), %name% (only name of the edited file, without path and extension), %ext% (extension of the edited file), %word% (current word).
Folder, which will be current during calling the filter.
Charset, in which the text is sent to the filter.
Surrogate, in which the text is sent to the filter.