File files.ini

In this file are settings, which affect files with indicated extensions. You can change them by dialog box, which appears in menu Options -> File settings.

Here the names of sections are lists of file extensions, for which are indicated settings in this section. At the beginning is the section [*], which contains all default settings.

All non-ASCII symbols are presented liek in HTML, i.e. like &#xxx; (where xxx is decimal number).

There are names of available parameters:

Font Edit font (1 — standard fixed font, 2 — standard proportional font, or its name)
FontSize Size of edit font
TabSize Tab width
HighlightLine Highlight current line
HighlightColumn Highlight current column
UseColorer Use syntax colorizer
Wrap Wrap long lines
CharSet Default charset for this file extension
Surrogate Default surrogate for this file extension
UniRepr Manner of representation of Unicode letters (binary, &#DDDD; or \uXXXX)
Autodetect Automatically detect charset indication
CreateBak Create backup copy
AutoIndent Use automatical indentation
Delimiters Signs, which delimit words
UpperCase List of capital letters
LowerCase List of small letters
Kbd1 List of letters on first keyboard layout
Kbd2 List of letters on second keyboard layout
ISpellLanguage Language for spellchecker ISpell
Keys List of groups of keyboard commands, used for this file type
Subst List of groups of substitutions, used for this file type