Compiler is any external program, that UniRed can call and which error messages it can process, displaying in special window.

For each file type exists its own set of compilers. To call a compiler select the necessary one in the list in the menu.

Compilers are described in files *.ini in folder Compile. Name of the ini-file is equal to the respective file type, for example, pascal.ini or html.ini. Each compiler is described by one section of ini-file: the name is in square brackets, next are the description itself.

There are parameters, describing a compiler:

Command to call the compiler. It can contain variables %file% (full name of edited file), %path% (path to the edited file), %name% (only name of the edited file, without path and extension), %ext% (extension of the edited file), %selected% (selected text), %word% (current word). If the command is empty, UniRed tries to call the edited file itself, (for example, html-file just will appear in browser).
If it is equal to 1, then error messages will appear in special window. It is able only if the compiler is console program.
Folder, which will be current during calling the compiler.
Regular expression, describing the format of error message. One of groups, marked by brackets, must conform to name of file with error, another one must conform to line number.
Number of group in the parameter pattern, conforming to name of file with error.
Number of group in the parameter pattern, conforming to number of line with error.